Strategy Plus Paintball

15 Bear Swamp Road, East Hampton, CT

Sunday 3/29/2009



2009 Tournament
Everyone knows money is tough right now. To help people get out and play we are lowering entries and offering paint as prizes. This way teams can play more. Since most fields allow BYOP for a fee team practices it makes sense.

SP events will have two divisions, Rookie and Novice. The tournaments are field paint only.  Paint will be premium grade and sold at the event at $60/$70 per case. Each team for first, second and third will receive a trophy.  Rookies play for trophies only. Novice Prizes will be 20 Cases of Paint for 1st, 15 Cases for 2nd,  10 Cases for 3rd.

Tournament will be run on a modified 7man field.
Novice teams can have players, no higher then d2.
Rules will be based off of the nepl rule book. Semi only, no coaching, etc.

Time Schedule
9:00am check in begins at green truck/paint at white truck
9:30am Captains meeting at green truck
9:45am First game Begins

Registration Entry Fees:
5 Man Rookie:  $100 per team
5 Man Novice:  $200 per team


Registrations will be taken until the Friday before the event at noon. Entry fees are nonrefundable. 



Date of game




Date of game


For more information or to register contact the office. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express
Phone: 800.952.9007



Sponsored by KEE Action Sports, in conjunction with Strategy Plus



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